AG Crafts

Easter Craft


Hi!  Today I will show you how to make an Easter sign for your AG dolls house!

First you will need

  • bright colored paper
  • markers
  • a pencil
  • scissors
  •  a hot glue gun
  • and string



First take your paper and you scissors and cut out little Easter eggs in the paper and make 12 of them so you can make “HAPPY EASTER!” on your eggs.


Once you have 12 Easter eggs you can write your words on them. I wrote HAPPY EASTER! on my eggs.


When you have your words written on your eggs,  then take out your string and your hot glue gun.


Take your eggs and measure how long you want your string to be.  So when you put your eggs on it will be the right length you want.


Now glue your eggs on your sting in the right order that the words to go.


Now your dolls can have a Happy Easter sign!  I will make more Easter crafts for AG dolls so they can celebrate Easter too!  I hope you enjoyed this craft!  Please leave in the comments what else you think that I should make for American girl dolls for Easter!

kaitlynrh1 ❤


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