American Girl Mini Dolls and Other AG finds

Hi!  Yesterday I went to Sam’s Club, Michaels, and Target and found doll stuff at all of those stores!  I hope you will like what I all found!

First I went to Sam’s Club and in the book section I found American girl mini dolls!


Here is the American girl Caroline. She was $39.99 dollars at the store.

AG finds:

I also found Samantha there. She is the same price as Caroline.


And I also found LEA!!!!  She came with her first book and the mini doll.  She didn’t come with a stand like the other ones or a book mark.  She was $26.48 dollars.

I didn’t find any AG pets there like Abby. 😦

Then I went to Michaels to see what they all have in the American girl section.


AG finds:

There were so many crafts there!  And they were all so cute!  There were some books there too but I didn’t take a picture of them.

Then we went to Target in the doll section!


Here are some of the Our Generation dolls.


Here are two horses that I found.


This is one of my favorite things from Our Generation: the horse stable!


And here is a closer look what the stable all comes with.


This is another one of my favorite items that I found: the Diner!


This is the jeep for the dolls to ride in.


And this is the super cute camper that you can get for your dolls!


This is one of the beds you can get at Target for your doll.


This is the new set from Our Generation that is called A Day at the Fair!  It’s a super cute set!


I know this isn’t a doll thing but it is super cute!  I found it in the Easter section in Target!

I hope you liked all the doll things I found in the stores!  And please leave in the comments what you favorite American girl mini doll is!



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