OG Kitchen Review

Hi!  Today I am going to do a review on the OG (Our Generation) Gourmet Kitchen Set!  This set is 15 inches tall, and it retails for $60.00 in the USA.  I hope you will enjoy my review on the kitchen!


Here is the kitchen in it’s box, waiting to be opened!  This set comes with everything that your dolls will need in their new kitchen!


This is what the kitchen looks like when it is out of the box.  I LOVE it that OG put in a dishwasher!


The microwave and the clock open up to put stuff in.


The oven and the dishwasher also open up.  There is also another storage place under the oven.


Here is the fridge what it looks like when it comes out of the box.  As you can see the fridge is super cute!  There is a lot of space for your dolls to put all of their food in!


This is the super big freezer!


This is every thing that the set comes with!  It comes with lots of food, plates, cups, trays, bowls, a measuring cup and spoon, and even cleaning supplies!  This set comes with everything that your dolls need!  Then I went and set it all up!  It was super fun to put everything together!


Here is a close up picture of the kitchen.


Here are Maggie and Kit checking out their new kitchen!

I hope you enjoyed my review on the Our Generation kitchen!  I think that this is a super cute set that your dolls should have!  Please leave in the comments what you think I should add to the kitchen!



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