Diy American Girl Easter Basket!

Hi, everyone!  Today I will show you how to make an American girl doll Easter basket, for your AG dolls!  I was looking online fro Easter basket ideas for you AG dolls and I tried some of them but they all didn’t work.  So I made an easy diy Easter basket for your AG doll!


First you will need

  • colored paper
  • tape
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • green tissue paper
  • stickers
  • hot glue gun
  • pipe cleaner
  • cutting board
  • and a pencil


First take your cutting board and you paper, and cut about one and a half inches of paper.


Then fold your paper four times to make a square.


Then tape the two ends of paper together to make a square.


Then decorate your box with stickers, and other stuff you want to put on for your dolls.


Then trace your box on the same piece of paper, and cut it out.


Then take your hot glue gun and glue your bottom of your box to the same piece of paper that you just cut out.


Cut off the extra pieces of paper that you don’t want on your Easter basket.


Then take your pipe cleaner and cut it four and a half inches long.


Then take your ribbon and cut it a bit bigger than your pipe cleaner is.


Then glue your pipe cleaner to your ribbon.


Then glue the two side together, so no pipe cleaner will be showing.


Then cut of the extra ribbon.


Then glue it to the inside of your basket.


then cut a small square from your tissue paper and fold it back and forth.


Now put your Easter grass inside of your Easter baskets.


Now your dolls have there own Easter basket!



I hope you enjoyed making your Easter baskets!  If you want to make candy for your AG dolls for their baskets  here is the link to some of them Nerds & Starbursts Printables   American Girl Candy Box Printables  American Girl Skittles Printables  Mike And Ike Printables  Pink Mike And Ike Printables ,  I also found this giveaway for Easter treats for your AG dolls that you can enter at American Girl Ideas here is the link American Girl Easter Treats & Giveaway – American Girl Ideas !    Please leave in the comments what other Easter spring crafts I should make for your AG dolls!?




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