My AG Outfits!

Hi, everyone!  Today I will show you all of my American girl outfits!  Some of them are from American Girl, My Life As (Walmart brand of 18 inch dolls), and homemade!


I have a lot of dolls clothes so let’s get started!


This is a My Life As outfit.  I just got this one yesterday from my awesome Grandma!  I don’t know the name of this outfit but this is one of the cutest outfits I have for my dolls!


This is the outfit that came with Kit!  I got the hat from her accessory kit.  It also came with a bracelet and a bag but I forgot to put them in with this picture!


This is the outfit that Maggie came in.  The hat I got for Christmas from my parents.  It’s the tweed driver’s cap from the Truly Me collection!


Theses are pajamas that I got for Kit.  They are a bit big but they still work!


These are Maggie’s pajamas.  I made them with my Mom.  Sorry that the pictures isn’t turned around.  I only took one picture of her in them!


This is an American girl outfit!  I got it for Christmas.  It is one of my favorite outfits!


I made this one with my Grandma!  I’m not the best sewer but I’m not going to give up until I get it right!


This is a My Life As outfit.  I got I for Halloween.  It doesn’t fit my doll the best.  It’s a bit too small.


This is a swim suit from My Life As.


I got this outfit from my friend for my B-day!



This is also a My Life As outfit!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of my dolls clothes!  I’m also going to do a mix and match post!  So stay tuned!



4 thoughts on “My AG Outfits!

      1. That was a great ‘fashion trip’ Kaitlyn. We thought our next project for the ‘girls’ should be sleeping bags, right? You did a fine job using the sewing machine. It even scares me sometimes!!!

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