Super Cute Photoshoot!

Hi, everyone!  Today our kittens just turned a week old!   So now that they are a bit bigger I took some pictures of them with my dolls!  I didn’t take a lot because they are still little and very loud.  I also took pictures of two kittens, but there are five of them all together.


This is my kitten Skittles!  Maggie was so happy that she got to hold them.


The kittens are so cuddly!


Then Maggie got to hold Muffin my sisters kitten.


Abby loves the baby kittens!


So cute!  It would have been a cute picture if the kitten wasn’t

moving its head all the time.


Here’s a picture of all the kittens.

I hope you have enjoyed my photoshoot of the kittens.  I’m going to do some more photoshoots when they are older.  Please leave in the comments what you think I should have more of on my blog!



16 thoughts on “Super Cute Photoshoot!

  1. Awww! They’re SO cute!!! 🙂 I love kittens! We only have one cat and it’s not friendly, but I think that cats are sweet and cute usually!!! 🙂 This was A GREAT photo shoot! You should do another soon!!!!! 😛 😛 😀 😀 REALLY sooN! XD

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          1. Aww! 🙂 Cool!! When I first read “cat, fish”, I thought it said catfish! XD Hehe! 🙂 Neat! Oh, that’s so great! We have one cat named Squeaky bob! 🙂 XD Even though it’s a girl! XD 😛 Hehe!

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  2. OH. My. GOODNESS. They are SO cute!!! And very tiny. Are you going to keep any, and do you have a favorite? We have three cats named Frank, Emmett, and Natalie. Natalie is 19! ( Sorry I’m such a crazy cat lady )


    1. We are going to keep one for our mommy cat pinky! And we do not have a favorite kitten we love then all the same! I love cats so much! They are one of my favorite animals!


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