This Or That

This Or That!

Hi, everyone!  Today I’m going to do a this or that.  It’s where you can chose two American Girl items that are very similar to each other!

Image result for lea's fruit stand 

Lea’s Fruit Stand   Or   Kanani’s Shave Ice Stand


American Girl Doll Lab   Or   American Girl Doll Coconut

Maryellan’s Party Dress   Or   Kit’s Photographer Outfit

American Girl Doll Lea Clark   Or   American Girl Doll Grace Tomas

American Girl Mayellan’s Sofa Bed   Or   American Girl Doll Comfy Couch


American Girl Movie Popcorn Machine   Or   American Girl Doll Pizza Party Set

American Girl Doll Julie Mini   Or   American Girl Doll Caroline Mini

What I would pick would be:

  • Lea’s Fruit Stand
  • The Lab Puppy
  • Kit’s Photographer Outfit
  •  American Girl Doll Lea Clark
  • American Girl Doll Comfy Couch
  •  American Girl Movie Popcorn Machine  
  •  American Girl Doll Julie Mini

I hope you enjoyed my first this or that!  Please leave in the comments what you like the best!



10 thoughts on “This Or That!

  1. Can I do all of them? 🙂
    Lea’s Fruit Stand – It’s made of wood and it’s great quality!
    American Girl Doll Coconut
    Maryellen’s Party Dress
    Lea Clark
    Truly Me Comfy Couch
    Pizza Party Set
    Julie mini

    Those are my answers! Thanks so much for having this; it was fun. 🙂

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  2. my picks are:
    kanani’s ice stand, it’s pink!
    american girl lab, very cute!
    maryellen’s party dress, soooooo cute!
    hard choice! Grace is so cute but I love Lea’s hair!
    maryellens sofa bed, because it doubles!
    the popcorn machine, beacouse I can craft the pizza set.
    caroline mini, i like her curles and dress!

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  3. -Lea’s fruit stand
    -The lab dog
    -Maryellen’s party dress
    -Totally Lea Clark Doll!
    -Maryellen’s sofa (I love the color!)
    -Pizza set! (ILOVEPIZZA!)
    -Julie mini

    This was fun!


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