AG Finds

Thrift Store Finds!

Hi, everyone!  Today we went shopping for my AG doll at our local community thrift store.  I have never been looking for stuff for my dolls at thrift stores, but I have found some pretty cool things there!



I found these super cute picture frames, only for $0.40 cents that are perfect size for dolls!IMGP4947

I found this little Build A Bear stuffy, for $0.20 cents.


This is a cute little dish that I found for my dolls to put their food on, also for $0.20 cents.


I found this cup and two other ones that are perfect size for any 18 inch doll,

also $0.20 cents.



I found this fish thing for $0.30 cent, for in their garden.


This is a super cute bowl for my dolls kitchen!  I love it that most of the things are $0.20 cents!


I found these tart container that are perfect to make pies for your dolls!  I will also make a craft how to make doll pies soon!


The last thing we found where these leggings for your dolls!  That where $0.50 cents!

Now I will be checking out thrift stores a lot for stuff for my dolls!  What was your favorite item I got!?

❤ kaitlynrh1


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