DIY American Girl Doll Pancakes!

Hi, everyone!  Today I will show you how to make your American Girl doll pancakes!


First you will need:

  • Crayola Model Magic (or white clay)
  • White and yellow crayons
  • And your doll to test the pancakes!


First take you Crayola Model Magic and make it in to a small ball.


Then squish it down to make it a pancake shape.


Then take a very tiny piece of the clay and shape it into a

square, to be the butter.


Then put it onto the pancake.  Then let it air dry for twenty four hours.



Once it is completely dry you can take a brown crayon

and color it brown, but not the butter.


Then it should look like this.


Then take a yellow crayon and color the butter yellow.


Then you can make a stack of pancakes for your AG dolls!

Before I close this post off there are some tips I should tell you!

  • Put the butter on after you color your pancakes so that you don’t have white showing.  But if you did you can take a yellow pencil crayon and color the spots you couldn’t reach.
  • Don’t use Mod Podge on your pancakes.  If you do you color that you added to the pancakes will rub off.  If that happens you can color over it.


This is what happens if you use Mod Podge on your pancakes!


I hope you enjoyed this craft for your dolls!

❤ kaitlynrh1


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