DIY AG Doll Pizza!

Hi, guys!  Today I will be showing you how to make your American Girl doll pizza!


First you will need:

  • Brown paper or light brown felt
  • Red paint
  • Construction paper
  • A lid from a jar
  • Glue stick
  • Paint brush
  • Pen
  • And a scissor


First take your lid from the jar and trace it onto the brown paper.


Then cut it out.  Make sure it fits you “pizza pan”.


Then put glue on one side of the paper.


Then place it onto the lid, and press it down on all the side

to make it look like the pizza crust.


Put some red paint on the “crust” to be the “pizza sauce”.  Spread it all around, but leave some room for the “crust” on the outside.


Take your scissors and cut little strips of white paper.

  Cut them up into little squares.


Then place them onto the pizza when the paint is still wet.


You can also do the same thing but with the green paper to be the peppers.


Now you have a pizza for your dolls!


You can make a whole bunch of toppings for the pizzas!

I made a fruit pizza that turned out really cute!

I hope you enjoyed this craft!  I hope you will have a fun time making it for your dolls!  What is your favorite kind of pizza?!

❤ kaitlynrh1



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