Kitten Photoshoot!

Hi, everyone!  Today I took some pictures of the kittens with my AG dolls again!  The first time I put pictures of the kittens on my blog, everyone wanted me to put more on when they got older!  Now they are three weeks old.  I hope you will love the pictures of them!


This is Muffin!


Maggie is holding Princess Laya , my brothers kitten.


This is Bear!


This is Skittles, my kitten!



And last is Auntie Nancy, or Hiccup for short!


As you can see the kittens have grown a lot since last time!

I hope you have fallen in love with the kittens!  I will also post one more post of them before they have to go to their new homes.  Sorry that some of the pictures aren’t that clear.  The kittens never stop moving!  Which is your favorite kitten?!

❤ kaitlynrh1


26 thoughts on “Kitten Photoshoot!

    1. Thanks! The mommy cat that had them her name is Pinky! We rescued her. We had another cat Binoo, but then some caught her in their garage so they sent her to the pound 😦 So we will keep one of the kittens!
      ❤ kaitlynrh1 😀 🙂


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