This Or That!

Hi, everyone!  Last time a did a this or that you all seemed lo love it!  So I will do another one!

Doll Star Book                                   OR                          Doll Pets Book


Grace’s Bakery                                          OR                              Lea’s Rainforest House

Image result for ag Canopy Bed & Bedding Set                  

Canopy Bed & Bedding Set                  OR                         Bouquet Bed Set


Terrier Puppy                                 OR                               Corgi Puppy


Blossoms Collar & Leash                            OR                            Jeweled Collar & Leash


Kaya’s Mare, Steps High                              OR                                   Prancing Horse


Retired Nicki doll                                  OR                            Retired Kailey Doll

What I would pick would be:

  • Doll Pets Book
  •  Lea’s Rainforest House
  • Canopy Bed & Bedding Set
  • Corgi Puppy
  • Blossoms Collar & Leash
  • Prancing Horse And Retired Nicki doll!

I hope you enjoyed my second this or that!  What would you pick?!

kaitlynrh1 😀 🙂 😛 ❤


10 thoughts on “This Or That!

  1. Hmm…

    -Doll Star Book
    -Graces Bakery
    -Bouquet Bed Set
    -Corgi Puppy
    -Blossoms Collar and Leash
    -Prancing Horse
    -Retired Nicki Doll 🙂
    I really would choose all these if I could! 🙂

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  2. These would be what I would pick!
    Doll Star Book
    Grace’s Bakery (I LOVE all the accessories!)
    Bouquet Bed Set
    Terrier Puppy (soooo sweet!)
    Blossoms collar and leash
    Prancing horse
    Retired Nicki Doll (I SOOOOOO want a curly haired doll!)

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