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How To Make Doll Pencil Crayons!

Hi, guys!  Today I will be showing you how to make your doll pencils!


First you will need:

  • Tooth picks or barbecue sticks
  • Markers or pencil crayons
  • And scissors


Take out your tooth picks or the barbecue sticks and cut them in half.


Then take your markers or crayons and color the stick.

Leave some of the stick showing, and also color

the pointy end.


Then, there you have it!


You can also make pencils!


Then you can make a whole bunch of them for your dolls!


Now your dolls have some school supplies!

I hope you enjoyed this craft!  Please leave in the comments what other kind of school stuff I should make!

❤ kaitlynh1


16 thoughts on “How To Make Doll Pencil Crayons!

  1. I love those! I don’t have an AG doll, but I think that I’ll make them just for fun.
    Maybe drawing notebooks? If you don’t know how to make those, I can tell you!

    Liked by 1 person

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