Attack Of The Kittens!!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!  Three days ago I took some pictures of our kittens!  Now they are eight weeks old!  They are all super cute.  But Auntie Nancy and Princess Laya had to leave us yesterday. 😦  All the kittens are boys except Skittles!  So here are the photos!!!!!


Auntie Nancy (in the top picture) and

Skittles (on the bottom) are probable the cutest kittens in this litter!


Bear (in the bottom two pictures) is the one that we will be keeping!


Laya didn’t want his picture taken so he hid! 😛


I tried to take a picture of Skittle in my lap, but she

wouldn’t stop moving!  😛


Pinky is such a good mama cat!


Also on that evening, I took some pictures of my

bleeding hearts and our beautiful sunset that we had that night!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  This is going to be my last kitten photo shoot so you better enjoy them! 😛  Be sure to check out my other kitten pictures if you missed them.

kaitlynrh1 ❤



242 thoughts on “Attack Of The Kittens!!!!!!!

  1. Hey Kaitlyn! Great pictures again! Wow! Thats a lot of kittens! I’m sure you’re going to miss them, but its good you took the pictures! Your bleeding heart plant is beautiful! Mine is blooming like that too – its such a beautiful flower – interesting shape flower! Thanks for sharing those great pictures again!

    On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 7:19 PM, Kaits AG Crafts wrote:

    > kaitlynrh1 posted: “Hey everyone!!!!!!!!! Three days ago I took some > pictures of our kittens! Now they are eight weeks old! They are all super > cute. But Auntie Nancy and Princess Laya had to leave us yesterday. 😦 > All the kittens are boys except Skittles! So here are t” >

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          1. Huh, you probably need to double click, then the emoji should have blue around it. Then push “ctrl” and “c” at the same time, then push “ctrl” and “v” at the same time when you want to paste it

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          2. That would be so cool! Have you ever hear of Webkinz?! Well when I was younger, I made a video of the webkinz telling the other Webkinz about Jesus!


          3. yeah, I don’t know why I did it I just thought it would bee cool, and I just bought a new (but still undecorated) room! It adds to the strip, which has like 10 rooms, and connects to a big clump!

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          4. Okay! I check it out! your post is super sweet! I commented on it! I think that that is super funny, and cool that you made a new BFF just because of Webkinz!! I love all you posts that you put on you blog! ❤

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          5. Yep! I was supposed two years ago, but I never did! 😛 And they did send us an email that we should! 😛 I did a one year member ship thing, but now its a tree year thing! 😛

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