DIY Canada And USA Flags!!!!!


Hey, everyone!!  As you know tomorrow is Canada Day, and three day later it is 4th Of July!  So, we live in Canada but my dolls came from the USA, so my dolls celebrate both!  Because of that, I made cute flags for my dolls and I want to show you haw to make them! Continue reading “DIY Canada And USA Flags!!!!!”


Doll Camp (Day 7)

Hey, everyone!  I gust what to say, thank you to samanthadolls for sending my awesome craft last week!  Thanks!  Now, bennettv will be taking over this week!  So that awesome!!! XD XD  Also, there are still opening for camp, if you want to sign up!  I hope you will enjoy the craft!

Hello everybody! I am so excited to be hosting this week of Doll Craft Camp! I thought that we would start off the week with something that we really enjoy! S’mores!

And what better way for our dolls to enjoy their s’mores than in a cone!

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