My First Giveaway!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)


Hey, everyone!  It’s time for a giveaway!!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!  So excited to have it!  I couldn’t wait any longer!!!!  So this is the prize!   





So this prize is from Felicia’s Kitchen!!!!  It is the “Breakfast Tarts, Pop tarts for American Girl Dolls, Breakfast sweets for american girl dolls, breakfast tarts for 18 inch dolls”!  Also this giveaway is only open to people who live in Canada and or United States. 😦  Sorry!


Do you want to enter?!  Here’s how!

         Rules for entering contest:

  • Say in your comment that you would like to enter. 😀
  • Use your personal email address to enter.
  • You must be thirteen or older to enter.  But if you are younger then that, ask an adult for permission to enter.
  • My giveaway is free!!!
  • Everyone can only enter one time.
  • Go to Felicia’s Kitchen Etsy, and tell me what your favorite item is in your comment! 🙂

I will randomly chose the winner.  I will announce the winner on June 10th.  And if you win I will send out an email to you!  Good luck! 😉

kaitlynrh1 😀


70 thoughts on “My First Giveaway!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

          1. Oh! I’d like to enter(and I asked my mom she said yes) and I like the cheeseburger. Sorry for asking so many questions!

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