Camp Here We Come!!!!!!

Hi, everyone!!!!!  Today is the first day of AG Doll Craft Camp!!!!!!  Sorry its a bit late! 😦  So, this week samanthadolls will be taking over!

Before you go to camp, you need to sign a registration form!  So I made this printable!

  Camp Invite mod

I hope you like it! ❤

Okay!  Here she is!


Hey there!  I am very excited to be hosting the first week of craft camp!  The theme is beforever, and today, I’m going to show you how to make Julie’s egg chair for much less than the retail price!

All you need are a few plastic bowls, mine came cheaply, I believe at Target, as a set.  Also, keep in mind that rainbow colors are more groovy!
Now, nestle the bowls into one another so that they look like an egg.  And that’s all!  You can put pillows in, and now your doll has a groovy egg chair!
Thank you samanthadolls for the craft!!!  I hope you have enjoyed it! ❤  Also there are still openings at camp if you want to join!  Thanks!
kaitlynrh1 & samanthadolls

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