Doll Camp (Day 2)

Hey, guys!!  Today is the second day of AG Doll Craft Camp!  So today, samanthadolls sent me another Beforever craft!  Before I show you the craft, I just want to show you our camp schedule, and a new printable!!!!

samanthadolls: June 20-27

bennettv: June 27- July 3

orleansagdoll: July 3-9  (she hasn’t replied yet, so I don’t know)

So those are the people who have signed up!  If you love doll crafting please sign up!

Now for the printable!


I made this printable on Canva for the craft that is coming up!

Okay!  Now for the craft!


Hello again!  Today is my second craft, and it will be inspired by Kit!  In her time, Kit loved to make her very own jams from the fruit in her backyard!  So we will do that today!
You will need mini jars that I got as a set of four at Joanns, clear glue, food coloring, and a disposable mixing utensil.
First, fill the jar with your clear glue.  Then, drop in several drops of food coloring.
  Next, stir it together with your mixing utensil, and you are done!  I made strawberry with red, apricot with orange, and blackberry with blue and red mixed together!
Thank you samanthadolls for this craft!
Bye! ❤
kaitlynrh1 & samanthadolls

22 thoughts on “Doll Camp (Day 2)

  1. Katlyn, (I am sorry if I spelled your name wrong) I might be able to do a week of camp. If I did, it would be maybe in a week or two, and I will think of a theme. I would really love to do it, I just need to figure it all out. I’m not up for a whole camp of my own, but if you wanted, I could probably do two weeks of camp.

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    1. That’s fine! 😛 That’s great! Would it work for you if you sent me the craft ahead of time because I’m thinking that you could do July 25-31?! And if you do want to do two weeks of camp that would be great! Just email me! XD Thanks!


      1. Ok, I think that would be fine. I’ll have time to work on crafts. I start with one week, and then if I can get enough ideas, I will do two weeks. What is your email?

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