Camp day! (3)

Hey!  Samanthadolls has another great craft that she made, here it is! ❤

Hello again!  Today, I have another simple, Kit Kittredge inspired craft!  It is a baseball pennant, 1930”s style!


All you need is a white ink pen, red construction paper, normal white paper, scissors, and glue!


First, I cut the actual pennant out of the red paper.  Next, I put a few drops of glue on the edge and cut out the outline of the edge out of white paper.  Glue.  Next, using your white pen, write a team message and also add a cute drawing if you want!  I wrote GO TEAM  and I drew a little baseball bat.  This craft was inspired by the pennant in Kit’s Radio set!

Thank you samanthadolls, for another awesome craft!

kaitlynrh1& samanthadolls


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