Ice Cream Sandwich Craft


Hi, everyone!  It’s been SO long since I posted one of my crafts!  (And it’s also summer so I’ve been trying to not post too much!)  So anyways, todays craft will be how to make a doll ice cream sandwich!  Enjoy! Continue reading “Ice Cream Sandwich Craft”


GABBY!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

GABBY!!!!!!!!!  I JUST GOT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!  I CAN’TSAY ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOVE HER!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!  First I will show you her room!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD

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It’s A Small World After All Blog Award!

Hi!  I was nominated from Light4theLord at her blog Dolls N’ All!  So lets start!


1. Post a photostory (it can be short) that includes things that are miniature for dolls, like above. That means it has to be something miniature x2 for us!
2. Answer five basic questions (below)
3. Answer and ask two other questions that you make up.
4. Nominate the other five doll bloggers!
If you get nominated twice, just do it… or you don’t have to and just tell the person that nominated you. Enjoy!

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Doll Camp (Day 28)

Hi!  Gracie made these cute printables for your dolls house!  Here they are!

Hi! Today I have some printable doll posters for you! Feel free to change their sizing in a Word document or something.

These posters are my original artwork and are only for personal use. Hope you and your dolls like them!

I used PicMonkey to crop and edit the photos I took of my posters so they could be more crisp.

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