Doll Camp (Day 11)

Hey!  Here is ANOTHER super cute craft by….  bennettv!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys! Who doesn’t love a fairy garden? Well, now you can make one for your dolls!


Here are some things you will need:

A bowl (we used a microwaveable Kraft Dinner container)

Cardboard packaging (cereal box or other)

Coffee grounds or dirt

Cotton balls

White glue

A rock


Hot glue

Ribbon or duct tape

Fake leaves or other greenery


Thread or dental floss

First, remove all labels and fill your container with cotton balls, hot gluing them into place. This is to take up space mostly.


Then trace your container onto the cardboard packaging. Draw a smaller circle within the one that you traced.


Cut out the smaller circle.


Trim to fit it inside your container.


Hot glue the cardboard over the cotton balls.


Cover the cardboard with white glue.


Sprinkle coffee onto the glue. You can also use dirt or sand for this. Shake off the excess. Let it dry. This might take a few hours or even a day.


Use cardboard to make windows and doors to decorate your rock house. Hot glue them in place.


Make stepping stones from cardboard as well. Just cut out irregular shapes and colour with a grey marker.


Hot glue the rock house, and the stepping stone path into place.


Now decorate! We added greenery, and a toothpick clothesline made of dental floss! Cute!

We also hot glued some ribbon around the container to make it pretty! 🙂 You can use duct tape for this if you don’t have ribbon.


We are thinking of hanging a tiny pair of pants on the line! 🙂


Do you think that a fairy will come to live in our garden?


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I hope you enjoyed this craft! XD

kaitlynrh1 & bennettv


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