Doll Camp (Day 13)

Hi!  This is bennettv’s last post for doll camp. 😦  I just want to say that it has been AMAZING to have you here at camp!  Thank you. 🙂  Now for her last craft!


Hi guys! Today is our last day of hosting doll camp! We have been having so much fun! Thank you so much to KaitsAGCrafts for having us this week! It’s been a blast! 🙂


Today we are making discovery bottles for our dolls! These are really fun to make in real size, so we thought that it would be a fun craft for our dolls to get in on too!

Here is a list of what you will need:

A small glass or plastic bottle

(Any little bottle will do as long as it has a tight lid, and is transparent. Some examples are: extract bottles, spice bottles, sprinkle containers. You can also find little glass bottles at craft stores.)




Food colouring

A small funnel

Any other small charms or trinkets that fit inside your bottle.

We started out with these bottles. They are actually salt and pepper shakers, so we had to put a piece of tape over the holes. 🙂


Next, fill your bottles with beads, glitter, and anything else that you would like.


The more sparkle the better! 🙂


Be sure to use a funnel to fill the bottles, so that you don’t get glitter everywhere.


Once you’ve got everything in there, you can fill your bottles with water.


At this point, you can decide to just leave it as it is, or you can add some food colouring.


We chose to do one red bottle and one blue, but any colour works.


Put the lid back on.

Now you can shake up your bottle, and watch the glitter fly!


Here are some close ups.


It looks like treasure! 🙂


We had little heart and flower bead cut outs to add to our bottles as well.


I hope you enjoyed and I hope that you had a great week of doll camp!


Thanks for having us!

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❤ ❤ ❤

Thank you so much for this craft bennettv! ❤

There are still openings at camp if you want to join!


kaitlynrh1 & bennettv ❤


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