WE HAD A HUGE STORM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My Mom went outside to get something then in a split second a HUGE gust of wind came with HUGE branches with it!  It was CRAZY!!!!!!!  And there was lots of thunder and lightning and tiny pieces of hail!  I thought that a tornado would come!  And it didn’t even last for half an hour.  Even rain came into our basement!  I usually ❤ thunder storms but this one was scary!  My Mom even told us to go into the basement and turn off all the lights, because it was that bad!  If you don’t believe me these pictures will help you understand what I mean.


Prepare your self to be amazed!

Also none of this is photoshop!


The poor flowers!


We had tree branches EVERWARE!!!!

The last picture is of one of the tree that fell over at our neighbors yard!


So as you can see it was CRAZY!!


It looks like more is coming in!  And there are still more work to do!  Taking pictures is a very had job to do! 😛


So we had a every weird evening as you can see! 😛  I hope that you believe me now!

I hope that you enjoyed these photos!  Also happy 4th of July!!!!!

Bye! 🙂

kaitlynrh1 ❤


18 thoughts on “Storm!!!!!!

  1. Do you live in or in any states near Grand Forks? We had a HUGE storm with winds that were super bad too! We were driving on the road and it was blowing so hard that I could feel the car swerving. The wind was trying to push off the road!

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  2. Wow!!!! That sounds SO crazy!!! :O 😀 We had a crazy storm a while back toO! :O 😀 The wind was SO Hard, that when I went outside, it almost blew me off my feet, SERIOUSLY!!!! And then when I went down to the shed to see what daddy was up to (during the storm), Lightning struck in the field not 100 yards away! :O :O :O It was pretty scary! :O :O Anyway..yeah! And then in the morning…I think..or maybe that was another time…anyway, we had this huge LAKE In the field next to us! :O And the river was overflowed into the fields! And the roads were covered! :O It was CRAZY!!! I might have to post pics sometime! 🙂 😀 anyway, it was so …cool and awful at the same time! Hehe! 🙂 I’m sure glad that you’re alright from the storm!

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    1. THAT SOUNDS SO SCARY!!!!!!!!! And I thought we had it bad! :O My Mom even got kind of stuck in the storm! I NEVER want to have that ever happen again!!!!!!!!! And by the look of it out there it looks like we will have another storm! But I don’t know if it will be that big though!

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      1. 😛 YES!!!! 😮 Oh DEAR!!!!!!!! W-O-W!!!!! YIPERS!!! Yes, ours was pretty scary, but I’m sure yours was worse! :O I’m probably exaggerating too…I have a teeny habit of doing that! 😉 😛 Hehe! :/ 😉

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  3. Crazy! We get storms like this!! We had a hail storm last year, and we still have hail damage on the sides of our house because the contractors are so busy with everyone’s claims that they said to get in line, and be prepared to wait for a year or two!! It looks like someone shot up the side of my house! It was nuts! The storm actually pulled entire trees out of the ground! Like huge trees uprooting from the ground!! My sister was in her car when it started, and she thought for sure that the hail was going to smash her car windshield to bits!!
    I am so glad that none of those tree branches did any damage to your house!

    ginnie /

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