TBFN Challenge 1

Hi!  This is the first TBFN (The Blogger’s Fantasy Notebook) I have ever done!  I can’t wait!  If I do anything wrong please forgive me! 😛  I hope you will enjoy it! XD


writing prompt

(‘The End”)  “What do you mean “the end”!  It can’t be the end!  Ahhhhhh!!!  They better make another book!”  She shuts the book closed.  “What’s wrong”? says her little brother who is jumping into the living room.  “Oh, nothing”.  She says sadly  “I said what’s wrong!  I can help you with what ever it is.” he says with a stiff voice.  “Oh fine”. she rolls her eyes.  “I was reading my favorite book, and then they left a cliff hanger end!  And these book take FOREVER to come out!  It might be months until the next one comes out!” she says in a softer voice.  “Oh.  Then I can’t help you with that!”  “Well, you said you could help me with anything”!  “Yeah!  I know I said that!  But I’m only this many years old”! he holds up 6 fingers.  “I know your only six years old”.  “Wait!  I know what we could do”! he says happily.  “Why don’t you go to the library and see if they made a new series like it”!  “Why do you say that”? she says with a curious voice.  “Well….  You better keep this a secret.”  “Okay”.  “Well my favorite book “Princess Power Ponies” was done making there books, so me and mommy went to the library and looked for new books to read.  We looked around and then we found it!  But I was called “Princess Power Ponies Revenge”!  But mommy didn’t let me get it.  Because I’m to sensitive to big kid books”. “Okay!  I will try that!  MOM”!!!!!!!!! she yelled like crazy!  “WHAT!!!!!!!!!!  Did you find the dead mouse under the couch”?!  “No”!  “Oh good”!  “Me and Logan are going to the library to look for my favorite book to read.” she said.  “Okay!  And be safe”!  “Come on Logan!”  “Coming”!  They got on there bikes and started off for the library.  Once they got there they through the bikes in the grass.  “Okay!  Where here”!  “I’ll be in the little kid section”! said Logan  “Okay!  I’ll be in the teen part of the library!”  She says.  Mona (the girl) was looking through the books.  “Oh, look!  I found it!  Logan!  Come here!  Lets sign out the book.  “Okay!” he said.  “Thanks”! says Mona to the librarian.  “Lets get going!”  When they got home, Mona plopped herself onto the couch and started reading the book she got.  “I think that this book is going to be even better than the first series”!


I hope you enjoyed the story! 😛  As you can tell that I’m not the best writer!  Also… go team lions! XD 😛

kaitlynhr1 XD


21 thoughts on “TBFN Challenge 1

      1. Ok, I just put my entry for part 2~
        The roses were burnt, the wedding forgotten. The queen was nothing, the king’s heart was rotten.

        This little rhyme I read each night. I thought it was a fairytale. Until I saw a tower. Her hair hung down low, golden with a few streak of gray, just like the prince-but his hair had no gray. The tower, tall and made of stone, was a prison. I had known something wasn’t right- the magic had felt different. Yes, the magic. Our town is full of it. Trolls, unicorns, everything. But my mother says one day the magic went wrong.

        The tower was impossible to climb. And falling from it meant certain death. But did it mean we had no queen? No, she was there. I saw her. I heard her voice, like honey. And the magic told me.

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