Doll Camp (Day 14)

Hi!  Sorry that I haven’t posted anything for AG Doll Craft Camp for a while.  One of my campers quite on me last minute.  But Light4theLord said that she would take over this week!  Enjoy!

Hi ya’ll! I’m Light4theLord and I’ll be hosting this week’s craft camp here at Kait’s AG Crafts! The theme is Purr-fect Pets! If you don’t have an AG pet for your darling doll, don’t worry! TY Beanie Baby cats and dogs, as well as Lil’ Kinz pets work great for this! Hope you enjoy yourself!


Today’s craft is Purr-fect Pet Posters! I will show you how to make three kinds of posters that aren’t just plain pics and paper! Let’s get started…

You will need: 

  1. Construction Paper
  2. Glue

  3. Markers

  4. Googly eyes

  5. Pictures or old AG catalogs

  6. Glitter

  7. Beads (optional)

    For our first poster, the Mosiac Pet, I’m going to do it as a horse.


    First, take your paper and cut it into fourths to be the right size for your dolls.

    Next, draw your pet outline on the paper.


    Choose the colors you need and cut them into little geometrical shapes! (namely, squares or rectangles)

    Then just glue them in the right places in the outline you previously drew! Voila!


     For the second pet poster, you’ll need the googly eyes and old AG catalogs!

    The first step is to cut out a picture of an AG pet, I used Coconut.

    Next, add googly eyes over the real eyes of the pet and add a silly caption!



    Note: I also added an optional ‘prop’, the treat bowls from the catalog.
    The finished product is a silly poster to make you and your dolls smile!
    The third and last *sniff* is an easy, glittery poster!
    Use liquid glue and ‘draw’ or drizzle it in a patter, like a fish. Pour glitter over it and let dry. Shake off excess glitter! Add beads for bubbles and there you go!

    Hope you enjoyed today’s Purr-fect Pet Posters! 

Thank you Light4theLord of this AWESOME craft!

kaitlynrh1 & Light4theLord


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