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How To Pack Your Doll For A Hotel!


Hi!  Maggie here!  Mom is bringing me to a hotel today!  I can’t wait!  I have been to a hotel before, but I NEVER got to come out of the room.  But this time it will be different!  Mom will also be taking pictures of my at the hotel.  But first I will show you how to pack your mini person for a trip to a hotel!


So this is my suitcase!  It is really nice!  And mom got it for me right away when I wanted it!


I LOVE the kitten on it!  It is so cute! =^..^=


Okay.  Let’s take a look what’s inside!


So as you can see you can fit a lot of stuff in it! 😛 XD


So this is what you should bring!


A comb

A stuffed animal

An extra pair of clothes

Shampoo and conditioner

Sun screen (if it summer)

Tooth brush and tooth past




And something to read or play on at the hotel.


And I’m going to be bringing my neck pillow along!


And of course I will be bringing my camera!  I LOVE this last picture of me!


Well.. I should get going!  Stay toned for more stuff about my trip soon!

Thanks for having me!  Bye!

Maggie XD 🙂 😉 😛 ❤


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