Doll Camp (Day 15)

Hi!  Today we have another amazing craft from……  Light4theLord!  Also you can check out her blog here Dolls N’ All!  Here it is! ❤

And today we’re going to make a collar and leash for your AG pet! Remember, if you don’t have an AG pet, TY Beanie Babies and Lil’ Kinz make great ones!

You will need:

Glue dots or hot glue

Printed paper


Scissors (obviously!)


Okay, first, for the identification tag, cut two identical circles out of your scrapbooking or crafting paper (I used stencils) and write the name of your pet on one side. Next, measure the width of the ribbon and cut a strip that is double the width. Fold the ribbon in half and sandwich it between the two papers.

The next step is the collar! Measure and cut a length of ribbon to wrap around your pet’s neck.


Slide the tag onto the ribbon like so.


And connect the ends around the pet with a glue dot.


The finished project? A cute tag and collar for your AG pet!


Cut a long piece of ribbon and add a glue dot to each end. Fold the glue dots inward to form two loops: one to slide onto the collar and one that will fit around your doll’s wrist!


Slide the one loop onto the collar and the other around your doll’s wrist…


Enjoy! Hope you liked today’s craft!

Thanks for the craft! ❤


kaitlynrh1 & Light4theLord


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