Maggie's Adventures!

Maggie’s Hotel Trip!


Hi!  Maggie again! Four days ago I went to a hotel!  I LOVE hotels!  But this trip was kind if scary!  You’ll see! 😛


Okay!  Now I’m ready to go!!! XD


I can’t wait any more!!!!! 😛


To take my mind off of it that, lets watch Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs!!

I LOVE this movie!! XD XD XD


Mom!  Are we almost there?  Are we almost there?  Are we almost there?!?!


Yeah!!!!!!!  We are finally at the hotel!  Now for the fun parts of this post! 😛 XD  Well first I will show you the view! 😛  When we got to the hotel it was raining a LOT!


So first lets go to the pool!  Yes!  Lets go to the pool!  That isn’t a place where you would think that a mini person like me would go first! 😛


The water was REALLY nice!  But if you do bring your mini person into the water, be careful to not get her cloth wet.  And Mom also wanted a few pictures of her in it too! 😛


I love the pool!  This is the first time that I have EVER been in the water! 🙂 ❤


Well that was fun!  Wait.  What was that!  Its was a tornado siren!  Ahh!  get out of the pool!


Right now we are in the hall way.  It is so scary!  We have to stay away ALL windows.  Mom even had to hold me because I was so scared! Oh! Now the sirens are done.  Also none of this is fake!  This all happened!


Random photos! 😛  Now we are on our way to Target!!!  I wanted to go but Mom said no, because they would have thought that she stole me.  So Mom took the pictures!


In Target they had these really pretty flowers!


So these are just SOME of my favorite things from OG! 😛  And the puppies are really cute!  I wanted to get one, but Mom said no. 😦  Because she is about to order a new sister for us.


But these dolls could make great sisters too! 😛


I also found these other super cute things that I REALLY like!  The Star Wars ones are my favorite! 😛


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!  Its Obi-Wan Kenobi!!!!!!!  My favorite Star Wars character of all!  I HAVE to have him!!!!!! XD XD 😛 😛


The new Lea movie! 🙂


Okay!  Now back too me! 😛


Okay.  Now I will be taking a shower!

*She didn’t actually take a shower*


More random photos! 😛

Now I’m dressed in my Pj’s!


Watching Bedtime Stories and having a snack.


Time to bush my teeth and floss them! 😛


Time to make my bed!  Since I don’t have a sleeping bag I just used a towel from the bathroom.


Well..  Its time for bed!  Goodnight. ❤


Oh!  Good morning!!


I’m ready to start another awesome day!  Right after I change! 😛


Now I’m ready! ❤


Now I’m going to get breakfast!


I took ALL the good stuff! 😛  SO MANY DONUTS!!!!


Now I’m going to the pool.


On July 8th kaitlynrh1 (or Mom) brother turned 10!  So happy birthday!  So they where playing with water balloons in the pool.  It was lots of fun!


I didn’t want to change so I just was walking in the water. 😛


Now it is time to pack up. 😦  But don’t worry!  My post isn’t done yet! 😛


Now we are going to the new movie The Secret Life Of Pets!!!!!!!  I can’t wait!


I can’t wait!  Wait.  I already said that! 😛

Sorry!  But I can’t show you the movie! (Thanks for telling me AGLane)!

IMGP7546 IMGP7549

I’m hungry!!!! XD XD


Bring on the food!!!!!!!!!! 😀


So yummy!!!!!! XD XD

Now we are going to Cabela’s!!!


At the store that we went to they had a penny making thingy.  And so we only put a penny in and it can out perfectly!!!!! XD


Now we are going to the playground!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we are going home. 😦  🙂


While we are going home, I will show you the new stuff on Mom’s blog! XD


I hope that you will check them out!  An I LOVE the new profile photo! 😛

I’m tired.


We are almost home! ❤


We are now home!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for having me!  And I hope that you have enjoyed this post!  It has been really fun to show you what I did!

Bye!!!!! XD


Maggie (& kaitlynrh1) ❤ 😛 🙂 XD


26 thoughts on “Maggie’s Hotel Trip!

  1. Wow! Great pics! Tornado warnings! Ahh! That’s scary! We have a lot of warnings, but there has only been one that touched down near us. It wiped out the entire town fifteen minutes away, but that was a very long time ago, well before our time. Still, the warnings are crazy!

    I love all of your pics! Looks like Maggie had an awesome time! So much to see! Loved all the Target pics too. I miss Target here in Canada so much! It always had the coolest doll things! I can’t wait to see who Maggie’s new doll sister is going to be!

    ginnie /

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh gosh! A tornado warning sounds so scary! I’m glad everything is okay, though! 😀 Maggie’s trip looked like a lot of fun! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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