Doll Camp (Day 17)

Hi!  Today Light4theLord has sent part two of the pet awards!  But first I wanted to show you a new printable!!!!  I made these from Canva and I made one for Maggie’s pet store (that I am making), and I made an extra one for your doll pets (because there names aren’t all Maggie) 😛 !  They are pet store cards.  I hope you like it! ❤


Maggie's Pets

Now for the craft!

And welcome back to ‘And the Award Goes to…’ to make a lovely blue ribbon for your prizewinner!
You will need:
Thin cardboard or thick paper (ha!)
Circle stencils (or just cut out cardboard circles the same size)
Blue fabric
Scrap ribbon or fancy fabric (optional)
Gold stickers or fabric (optional)
Hot glue
The first step is to take your two cardboard circles and cover one with blue fabric, securing it in place with glue.  If you’d like, you can add a bit of bling with stickers, iron-ons, or other fancy things.
Next, you will need a very long piece of the same fabric, the longer the better.
Accordion fold the fabric in even-ish folds, making sure to secure it with glue at both ends.
Take the accordion folded fabric and glue it all the way around the cardboard circle, like so.
Add other lengths of the fabric, scrap ribbon, tulle, or the likes to add the bottom part.
The last part is to glue the other cardboard on the back to cover the glued on parts.
And there you have it, awards for your very own pet show!
Be sure to check out my blog,!
~ Light4theLord
Thank you for the craft! ❤
I hope you enjoyed it! XD
kaitlynrh1 & Light4theLord

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