Doll Camp (Day 18)

Hey!  Today we have some one else doing camp for this week!  Please welcome…..  adollableag !!!!!!! XD Her craft theme is ” Vacation to Rio!”!  Enjoy!

Hi guys! Today I am going to show you how to make a passport and some boarding passes for your dolls.


You will need these printables, a glue stick, and a pen.

 Luggage tags & boarding passes.pdf

To start, cut out the passport. Be sure to fill in your doll’s name and to draw or glue in a picture of your doll.

Then, glue half of the inside cover to half of the back of the ID page.


Then glue the other half to half of a destination page.

Then do the same with the remaining page and glue it to the cover.


Now you have a cute little passport for your dolls!


To make the boarding passes, just cut them out and fill in your doll’s name and hometown. And you’re done!


Thank you for the super cute craft adollableag !

Also there are still openings for camp if you want to join!

And if you want to you can do another week!

Bye! ❤

kaitlynrh1 & adollableag


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