Doll Camp (Day 19)

Hi!  Today adollableag sent ANOTHER super cute craft!  Here it is!

Hello! Today I will be showing you how to make a suitcase and luggage tags. This craft was inspired by the suitcase in the American Girl Explore With Lea Craft Book. You will need a pencilcase, bottle caps, popsicle sticks, hot glue, craft foam, google eyes or beads, and the printable from the boarding passes post.

To start, take your pencilcase, and if it has a clear bottom like mine, glue some foam down on the inside the same color as the top of the case.


Next, glue two google eyes or beads to the case about two inches apart.


Now, take a popsicle stick, cut it to about two and a half inches, paint it, and glue it on top of the google eyes or beads.


Next, take a popsicle stick, and glue another popsicle stick to the top of it, and cut that stick in half. Then do that to the other side.


Then cut two more stick pieces, one and a half inches long, and paint all the popsicle stick pieces, including the ones you just glued.


Now let’s add the hand grips. Take your craft foam and cut two strips the same width as the glued-together sticks. Then glue these strips to the popsicle sticks.


Now, cut two smaller strips, the same length as the wide strips but much narrower. Glue them on top of the first strips.


Now slide this popsicle stick under the stick that is raised on the google eyes or beads.


Now glue the other pieces of popsicle sticks to the handle. You can add bottle caps for wheels if you want. And you have a really cute suitcase for your dolls!


For the luggage tags, print out the luggage tag printable and hole punch the side. Be sure to write your doll’s information in!


Now, tie some string through the hole.


Tie the string around the suitcase handle, and you’re done!

I hope you enjoyed this craft! Bye for now! XD


kaitlynrh1 & adollableag


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