Doll Camp (Day 20)

Here is another craft from adollableag!  Enjoy!

Hi guys! When your doll arrives on the beach, she’ll need some flip-flops, so I am going to show you how to make some! You will need foam, pipe cleaners, beads, a pair of doll shoes for tracing, and hot glue.

To start, trace your doll shoe onto foam, to make an outline for the shoe. Make another using the other shoe.


Cut these outlines out. Then make three slits where the pipe cleaner straps are going to go.


Now poke a pipe cleaner into the slits and glue it behind.


Before you poke the pipe cleaner into the second hole, you can add beads for a fun look.


Now trace your doll shoes onto a second sheet of foam, and glue these pieces to the bottoms of the other foam pieces.


Then cut a piece of pipe cleaner or elastic and glue it to the shoe to keep it on your doll.


Now your doll has some cute footware for the beach!

I hope you enjoyed this craft!  See you soon!

kaitlynrh1 & adollableag


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