Doll Camp (Day 21)

Hey!  Today I’m posting two crafts of doll camp because we are going to a beach tomorrow!  And I will be sure to take pictures of that!  I think that this craft is super creative how she made it!  I hope you enjoy it!

Hi everybody! Since your doll has such cute shoes, she’ll need some chic sunglasses to go with them! For this craft you will need a pair of cheap doll glasses (I used Springfield’s glasses – the lenses pop out easily and they are inexpensive), Mod Podge glue, and food coloring.

To start, pop the lenses out of the glasses. Then mix the food coloring around in a plastic cup until you have the color you want, and add a little Mod Podge.


Now paint the Mod Podge mixture onto the lenses.


Once it dries, you have sunglasses for your doll!


I hope that you really enjoyed this craft!  And also, sorry that I haven’t been checking your posts lately!  I have just been really busy lately!  Bye!

kaitlynrh1 & adollableag


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