Doll Camp (Day 22)

Hey!  Today adollableag sent another cute craft for your dolls trip to Rio!  Enjoy!

Hello! Are your dolls enjoying Rio? Today I will show you how to make a beach chair for your doll! You will need dowels, fabric, popsicle sticks, and hot glue.

To start, cut your dowels into pieces. The measurements are here:

Two 15” cuts

Six 9” cuts

*Note: I messed up when I was cutting the dowels and I had to add on pieces later. The measurements I provided are the original cuts with the added on pieces, so you will not need to add on any pieces.


Next, take your two fifteen inch dowels and lay them down on the fabric seven inches apart. Make sure the fabric has the back facing up. Also leave about two or three inches of the dowels hanging off the fabric, for the legs of the chair.


Dowel should go to here (as I said, I cut wrong)

Now, fold one edge of the fabric over, on top of one of the dowels, and glue it down.


Fold the other side of the fabric over, and glue it down right next to the other dowel. Then glue it next to the first dowel.


Now do the same thing with two of the nine inch dowels, to make the seat. Glue the seat and the back together.


To make your armrests, glue three jumbo popsicles sticks together. If you don’t have jumbo you can use six regular sticks. Trim the edges to a point.


Make another and glue them both to the chair.


To make the legs, glue another nine inch piece at a slant to the side of the chair.


Then glue another one across it.


Now you have a super cute beach chair for your dolls to relax in!


I hope you enjoyed this super cute craft!  Bye!

kaitlynrh1 & adollableag


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