Doll Camp (Day 24)

Hi, guys!  Today is the last day for adollableag to do AG Doll Craft Camp. 😦  She has done amazing crafts all this week.  So thank you for doing it adollableag!  ❤  Here is her last craft. 🙂

Hey guys! Did your dolls have fun in Rio? Well, we all know that one of the mandatory parts of traveling is…buying souvenirs! So today I will show you how to make some. You will need air-dry clay, craft foam, puffy paint, hot glue, and felt.

To make the Brazilian flag, cut a square of dark green felt the size you want your flag to be.


Hot glue a diamond out of yellow felt on top of the green felt.


Add a blue felt circle on top of the yellow felt.


Now add a white band of puffy paint across the middle…


And white dots of puffy paint under the line.


Your flag is done! Now let’s make a mini Christ the Redeemer statue.

To start, make a very small oval of clay for the body.


Then make an even smaller circle of clay for the head.


Attach the head to the body. You can do this when the clay is dry using hot glue, or you can do it now. If you do it now you may have to re-glue it later.


Now let’s make the arms. Make a thin worm of clay and add finger details with a toothpick. I recommend attaching the arms after the clay has dried.


To make the robe, notch the body and add some layers of clay. Flatten the body at the bottom to make it look like the robe is pooling at Christ’s feet. Add clay for hair and notches for facial details. Stack foam squares for a pedestal. And you’re done! I hope you and your dolls enjoyed their Vacation to Rio!


Thank you for doing this week adollableag!  And if you want to join there is still room!

Bye! ❤


kaitlynrh1 & adollableag


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