Doll Camp (Day 25)

Hi!  This week Gracie will be taking over AG Doll Craft Camp!  Her crafts will be house décor!  Enjoy!

Hi everyone! I’m Gracie from . I’m excited to be hosting this week of doll camp! My theme is home décor. Thank you Kaitlynrh for this opportunity, and for organizing the camp!

Aright, let’s get into the craft, then, shall we?

Today we are making… a doll sized wall clock!


  • An empty duct tape/ masking tape roll (or something of the like)
  • Paperboard (cardboard from cereal boxes and such)
  • White paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • A pen or thin marker
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue and/or hot glue
  • Optional: a brad


Here we go!


Start with your empty tape roll. The diameter of the roll should be as large as the diameter you want your clock to be.


I cut the roll so that it would be thinner. This can be tricky; I ended up putting a cut through the cardboard to make it easier to cut the length. Then I taped the cut shut that I had made to help me.


Trace around your circle onto paperboard and cut out the circle. Glue it, design (if your paperboard has one) inwards, onto your circle. (before gluing you may need to trim the paperboard circle a bit so it doesn’t hang over the edge of the empty tape roll.)


Now paint the sides and edges of the top of your clock.


Cut a circle of white paper that is smaller than the face of your clock. You can draw or print out a clock face. Glue onto the middle of your clock.

And you’re done!

Note: if you want the hands of your clock to turn, poke a hole (with a thin object like a stick pin) in the middle of your clock face, make little paper clock hands, and stick a brad through the bottom of the hands and the hole in the clock. I have not tested this (I didn’t have brads on hand), but I think it should work. Have fun!

Caroline seems to like the new clock J


I hope you enjoyed this craft!

Bye for now!

~Gracie 😉

Thank you for this super cute craft Gracie!  See you soon!


kaitlynrh1 & Gracie


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