Doll Camp (Day 27)

Hello!  Gracie has sent in this adorable house hold plats craft!  I hope you LOVE ❤ it! 😛 XD

Hi again! Today I’m going to show you how to make polymer clay house plants!

I’ll just cut to the chase.

You will need…

  • Various colors of polymer clay such as green, red, orange, purple, brown
  • Clay Tools or toothpicks are optional


I’m going to show you two kinds of house plants… Number one:

Mix together some clay to make a pot-like color


I used red, orange, white, and brown.

Divide the glob into two sections, one bigger and one smaller.


Shape the bigger piece into a pot shape. Like a cylinder with a slightly bigger top than base. I hollowed the bottom a little bit to save clay, and a tiny bit at the top.


Cover the top of your pot with a thin sheet of brown clay. It’s okay if the clay goes a tiny bit onto the sides because…


Then roll the smaller piece into a long snake. Flatten it so it’s like a reeaaly long rectangle. Wrap around the top of your pot, removing the excess. Now you have a cute little pot.


Next take some brown clay. Shape a small log and then a smaller one that is bent into an elbow (the L shape, not an actual elbow 😛 ). Connect them so they look like so…


Now connect the base of your tree trunk into the pot.

Take a green ball of clay and a smaller green glob of clay.


Add texture to the green blobs. I used a half circle clay tool, but a toothpick should work fine depending on the texture you want it to have.


Then stick the green balls onto the trunk, the bigger one for the bigger trunk and the smaller one for the smaller trunk. I made a hole in the bottom of each little tree top to fit over the trunk so that it would stay on more securely.

Bake according to your clay’s directions.

This plant reminds me of a bonsai tree. J

NOTE: I had trouble baking this. It bent in the oven. You might want to prop it up with tin foil to keep it upright in the oven. Also the tree kind of, well, fell out of the pot 😉 . But some hot glue fixed the problem! J


Plant Number 2


Mix a color of clay that you want for your next pot. I used brown (I had thought it was dark green, but I’m fairly sure that it was dark brown. The lighting was bad for even me apparently…), greens, purple, and white. But it turned out like a dark grey-brownish color. Not exactly what I was going for, but oh well J it still looks good.


Separate some of the clay from the wad. Form the large part into a ball. Flatten/indent the bottom and top for a more pot like shape (and so it can stand on its own)

You can put brown over the top, like you did for Plant #1, again, but it probably won’t show in the end result.


Roll the smaller piece of clay into two long skinny snakes, wrap one around the top and one around the base of the pot.


Make a gumdrop-like shape of clay (any color, it will be covered, I put it in for filler), and stick it in the middle of your pot.


Now take various greens and rip them into bits 😉 . Then start sticking them around your gumdrop shape. You are making the bush!


Keep adding more until it’s the size you like. I decided to add little purple berries J .

Bake according to your clay’s directions

Julie likes these new little plants.


Watering the houseplants!



I ❤ this craft so much!  I hope you did too!

Post you later! 😛 XD


kaitlynrh1 & Gracie XD


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