Doll Camp (Day 30)

Can’t you believe it?!  Its already the 30th day of AG Doll Craft Camp!  For one or two days C. will be doing the crafts!  So it won’t be a full week.  Here it is! ❤

Hello! I am C. I’m so thrilled to be here! Today we are making cookies.
You will need:
Tan craft foam
A pencil
A bottle cap from a milk jug
A brown marker (not pictured)


First, trace the bottle cap onto the tan craft foam.


Cut it out. Repeat this several times, about 2- 10, depending on how many cookies each doll can have.


With the marker, draw some chocolate chips onto the cookie. You could do white chocolate chips, or even sprinkles! Now your doll has delicious cookies!


I hope you liked this craft! Thanks, Kait!

Thanks C. for this craft!  And also, I might have to close camp earlier. 😦  I just don’t have enough people to do it.  This might be the last camp craft post. 😦  So there are still openings, if you want to join on last minute!


(And also my doll is coming any minute now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) XD XD XD XD

kaitlynrh1 & C. 🙂 😦


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