Doll Camp (Day 31)

Hey, everyone!  Grace sent me in some crafts for this weeks camp!  So thank you Grace!  So I hope you will enjoy her crafts!

Hi! I’m Grace from Grace’s World. I’m so excited to be here! My theme for this week is Back to School.

Now, what’s a better way to get your dolls ready for the school year than to make them some pencils?! Here is what you will need for this craft:


Markers (Black, orange and pink)

Tooth picks

Duck tape


Here is the first technique:


First, cut the sharp end off of one side.


Then color in the toothpick with your orange marker


Then use your pink marker to color in the eraser on the non-sharp end.


Now it’s time to color in your lead with a black marker or Sharpie.


For the second technique, do step one. Then take and cut off a piece of duck tape about the size that I have shown.


Wrap the duck tape around the toothpick tightly.


Color in the eraser and lead.


Now your dolls have some pencils for the school year!

Hope you and your dolls enjoyed today’s craft! Thanks Kait for this opportunity!

~ Grace

Thank you Grace for this craft!  Post you later!


kaitlynrh1 & Grace


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