Doll Camp (Day 33)

Hey, ya’ll!  Haw was your weekend?!?!?  Here is a super cute craft from….  Grace!  Here she is!

What is the #1 thing that your dolls will need in school?

A desk!

Here is what you will need:


A hot glue gun


4 un-used pencils



Cut a small piece of your cardboard, big enough to fit books, pencils, and folders, and fold the horizontal side in about 1 inch.


Cut out another piece about 2-3 inches longer than the first piece, and fold the vertical sides in about 1 inch.


Glue the bottom of the second piece to the first piece.


Line up the folded edges and glue them together. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS! Burnt fingers are not fun😥


Take a bigger piece of cardboard, big enough to be the top of your doll’s desk.


Hot glue the top edges of your desk compartment to the bottom of your desk top.


Now hot glue your four pencils to the corners of your desk. Do not glue on the eraser side.


Now you can decorate your doll’s desk!

Note: You can’t put pressure on the desk or else it will break.

~ Grace

Thanks Grace for the craft!

kaitlynrh1 & Grace


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