Doll Camp (Day 34)

Today is Grace’s last day of doll camp.  Thank you Grace for the amazing crafts!  Here she is for the last time. ❤

This is the last craft that I have for ya’ll.😦

I will show you some hairstyles that you and your dolls can wear for school!

All you will need for this is a hairbrush and some hair ties.


First brush out your doll’s hair.


Take a section of her hair and separate it into 3 sections.


( Please ignore her small braid)

Braid her hair a small ways down.


On the left side grab a small piece of her hair and add it to the left section. Braid until you get back to the left side. Continue grabbing strands from the left side.


Continue this braiding process until you get to where I am in the picture.


Separate the remanding hair into 2 sections. Then braid using all of her hair. Be careful not to undo her starting braid.


Add a hair tie and you’re finished!


Now I will show you another hairstyle. Pull your doll’s hair into a high ponytail.


Wrap her hair around like a donut.


Add a hair tie. Don’t worry about it being messy.


Now for the last hairstyle. Separate your doll’s hair in half.


So the hair doesn’t mix, pull one half of your doll’s hair up.


On the other half, pull your doll’s hair straight up.


Wrap your dolls hair like we did for the second hairstyle.


Do the same for the other side. Mine aren’t very even , but you get what I’m going for.

I really hope you guys enjoyed my crafts for this week. Again, thank you so much, Kait, for letting me do this!

~ Grace

Thanks Grace for everything!  Bye!

kaitlynrh1 & Grace


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