Birthday Haul!


Hi!   As you already might know it was just my birthday!!!!! XD XD  Now I’m 12!  So exciting!  So in this post I will be showing you some of the things that I got.  And if you keep on reading to the end of the post there will be some upcoming events you don’t want to miss!  So lets get on with the post!

So for my present I got the

*The Our Generation tent!!!!!!


I got the tent!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

It is adorable!  Here’s some more pictures!


This is what it comes with!  And the lantern comes with batters!!!!!


I ❤ the sleeping bag!


And the best part is that the tent can hold three dolls!


I’m so glad that my parents got it for me!  Thank you mom and dad! ❤


I also get some Nerds, along with some more candy.


And a drawing book, from my awesome Auntie!

And I got some money too!

And also thank you guys for the awesome comments, on the post what my mom did! ❤

That means a lot! 😉

Okay!  Now for the news!

So news one!

I just need 15 more followers, until I have 100!!!!!!

And news two, I’m planning on doing a fall/Halloween craft marathon!

What I will be starting soon!

And news three, I will be doing a tour of my doll house!

I can’t wait!

So that’s  the news!

Post you later! ❤



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