Fall Craft Marathon

Fall Craft Marathon – Turkey

Hi!!!!  Today I will be showing you how to make your doll a TURKEY!!!!!  And the best part is, is that its SO easy to make, enjoy! 😀

Here is the link on how to make the dough and how long to bake it Fall Craft Marathon (Cinnamon Buns)!


So once you make the dough, first make the body (that is the middle piece).  And so how you make that just make a big ball and shape it like this! 😀  And for the two side pieces, make a ball thing out of dough and cut it in half then stick it on the sides.


Then make a small ball and kind of pull some pieces out like this.


Then bake! XD


Then take your turkey and the chalk and color it on the “turkey”.

Then there you have it!!! XD

I hope you really enjoyed this craft! ❤

Post you later! 😉





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