Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Happy, happy Thanksgiving!  Yesterday was Thanksgiving for us Canadians.  So I made a HUGE doll Thanksgiving supper!!!  And I will also have some crafts in this post. 😉  I hope you will enjoy!


This is my table that I have with the food on.

If it looks familiar it is from my DIY Picnic Party!!!

On the table I have mashed potatoes, buns, a salad, and the big turkey!

Here are the links how I made them:

 Fall Craft Marathon (Turkey)

Fall Craft Marathon (Doll Salad)

Fall Craft Marathon (Buns)

If you are also wondering how I made the mashed potatoes I had a small bowl and I got some toilet paper and put some water on it and scrunched it up, then I put some yellow paint on it with some yellow foam on top.


I also have some forks for them that my BFF let me use!


This was one of my last minute craft, it is a veggie tray!  Its not like your everyday one though. 😦  This one have green beans, corn, peas, and mini carrots.  And I got the container from the thrift store and I made some dividers out of paper.


I also have some cinnamon buns for dessert (here’s the link  Fall Craft Marathon (Cinnamon Buns)!


And I made the chairs out of oatmeal boxes and wrapped them in paper.

So I hope you enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner tour!





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