2 DIY Doll Halloween Costumes (No Sew)!!!!!!

Hi, everyone!  Sorry that I didn’t post anything for a while……  So to make it up to you I will be doing two posts today!!!  So this is going to be the first one.  Enjoy!



So for the first costume you will need a doll outfit that is half black and half red.  Because for this craft you will be making your doll a lady bug!


So first take some black paper and trace some small holes on it, I used a marker cap to trace it with.  Then cut them out.



Then take some tape and roll the two sticky sides together like this.  Next put the tape on the circle and place it on the red part of the outfit.


To make a head band take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the head of your doll.  Also if your dolls head is to big you can tie the ends together with yarn.


The cut some pipe cleaner about two and half inches long and wrap them onto the head band,  you can also add a little bead at the end.


Then there you have it!  You can also make some wings if you want to add with the costume.



For the next costume we will make Rey (from Star Wars).  So take a greyish brown shirt (I got mine from the thrift store.  I love what the shirt says 😛 ) .  Then cut out a long part in the shirt (cut it about 17 inches tall and two and a half inches wide).  I cut my by the side of the shirt.


Dress your doll in a white shirt and greyish pants.



Then take your long piece of shirt and wrap it around your doll like this.

Next take a ribbon or something like that to wrap it around your doll waist.



Then there you have it!  Also if you want to do Rey’s hair here is the link to the video on how to 3 Iconic Star Wars Hairstyles Tutorial! – YouTube

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Also please tell me in the comments what you think Gabby should be for Halloween!  And also THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 99 followers!!!!!!!  I can’t believe it!!!!!  I just need one more!  Thank you so much!




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