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I’m Making An AGSM!!!!!!

Yes!!!  I’m making a winter AGSM!!!!  It’s so exciting!!!!  I’m hoping I’ll be finishing it soon.  Yesterday the lighting was perfect but it was so cold!  So I’m hoping I will finish it one of these days.  Also you guys made some great guesses on my other post, but only AGLane got it right, an AGSM!  Thank you for reading! 




17 thoughts on “I’m Making An AGSM!!!!!!

      1. Here’s an idea: Try the mobile app StopMotion Studio – there might be a full version that costs money, but you’ll be able to put previous pictures into it and have it flow together to make the stop motion. (If the pictures weren’t taken on mobile, try uploading the pictures from your camera to a computer and then sending it to a mobile device that you’ll download StopMotion Studio on) I use an app for the Mac called iStopMotion when I make mine, but I’ve used StopMotion Studio a lot before. 😀

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