Christmas Haul

Christmas Haul!

Hi, again! 😛  You are probable wondering what I got for Christmas.  Well, in this post I will be showing you!


One of the first things I got was this doll table with two chairs!  But the cool thing about it is that it can also be made into a lemonade stand!


I also got the same OG set that I gave away, after my Mom saw how much I loved it! ❤


I also got a doll cowgirl outfit!  I was so happy when I got it! ❤


I got some Christmas décor too.


But my favorite thing would have to be this My Life As Barn!  It’s so cool!

I also got a lemonade set, some candy, a doll outfit, and that sort of stuff!

Also, I will be doing a review on the barn soon.

If you have any questions about the stuff or what brand it is I will be happy to tell you! 😀

Post you later! 😛



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