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My Trip To K.C.!!!!

Hi, guys!  I’m SO sorry for not posting in a month.  I have been so busy lately with school and babysitting.  Okay, so  moving on….  I went to Kansas City from Dec. 28 (2016) – Jan. 1 (2017) with my youth to K.C. to go to a Christian conference called One Thing!!!  So if you don’t know what One Thing is, it is place where Christians from all over the world come to celebrate Jesus!  There were also a lot of famous Christian speakers speaking and singers there.  The conference was from Dec. 28 – 31.   While I was on the trip I took some photos!  I hope you will enjoy this post! ❤



Theses are a few photos I took on the way to K.C..  The drive was about fourteen hours L-O-N-G!!!!


So this is the view from our hotel room. It was super cool.  We stayed in the Marriott Downtown hotel.


Here are a couple photos of our room.


This is at the conference!

So moving to a few day later, some of my favorite speakers spoke that day who were



It was amazing!!!!!!!!


(Sorry the pictures are horrible, I had to take them off of the big screen.)

Oh!  If you don’t know who they are, Google them!  They are amazing!

After all the excitement, we went back to our hotel.

Here are some pictures from the hotel I took.


Me and my friend are both Star Wars fans and when it is dark the tower looks like it is

R2-D2! 😛


I love sunset photos. ❤

Here are a few random photos inside the hotel.




 Well, that’s it for my pictures!  I hope you enjoyed this post, also if you have any questions on the trip I will be happy to answer them! ❤

Now I have one last thing to say…..

God loves you

very much!

It’s true!  He loves you like crazy!

Bye for now! ❤



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