Gabby’s Spring Photoshoot


Spring.  Such a beautiful time of the year, as you can see in my photos! 😛  Just kidding!  Spring is a very messy time of year.  But today was a pretty nice day outside, so I decided to take some photos of Gabby in her new skirt that me and my aunt made.  I hope you will enjoy the post!


I really like the last few photos.

I hope you enjoyed the post and talk to you soon!




80 thoughts on “Gabby’s Spring Photoshoot

  1. Wow, I love this! I think I have the same boots as you. Gabby is sew very adorable! I actually want #58 REALLY badly for my birthday. Let’s hope I get her! Again, ❤️ the photoshoot!


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  2. Great pics Kaitlyn. Love the skirt on Gabby. Looks great with her top. Still have the sewing bug Kaitlyn? Will need to get back at it in a couple of weeks when I get back.
    Take care and see you soon.
    💗Auntie Carol

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  3. Aww too cute! That skirt is adorable! Great job! 🙂 Did you use the Scrap Saver Skirt pattern by Daydream Doll Boutique by chance? I just made up a bunch of skirts for our dolls from that pattern, so I wondered if this one was the same. I LOVE that fabric. I also love Gabby’s shoes! Pretty!
    Not quite spring here in Alberta yet. -8C and flurries for all of this week, and into next. This winter really just doesn’t want to go!

    ginnie /

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    1. Thank you! I think it’s the Scrap Saver Skirt pattern, but I don’t know for sure. Because my aunt found the pattern. I love the fabric too! Here where I live it isn’t quite spring yet either. The other day it was melting a lot then it stormed a lot, now we have a mini pound thingy from all the melted water what is now hard ice! 😛

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  4. Hi, my name is sara! that was a really pretty post it’s very pretty In the spring.😍 cool blog!
    Gabby was perfect for this post😍😆😄
    How are you?
    how old are you?
    when did you make this blog?

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