I’ve Made A Decision…


Okay.  I have made my decision!  I will be doing Camp Crafters! 😀  You are probable wondering all the details for how to do a week, and what you should all know and stuff. 

So if you want to sign up here’s how!

  1.  If you want to sign up, please email me at krharms04@hotmail.com (I will need about five doll crafters).
  2. In your email please tell me what doll craft theme you are wanting to do.
  3. When you send me your crafts, please make sure there are pictures, a title, and you have all the instructions on how to make the craft.
  4. Try to make five crafts for your week.
  5. Wondering if you can post your crafts on your blog?  Yes!  You can totally post them on your blog!
  6. Also I can only have about five crafters, so that means I will have to turn down some people.  Sorry. ❤
  7. Camp Crafters will go from June 5 – July 7.

So are you interested?  Please email me! 😀

Also if you aren’t going to sign up, I will have a registration form that you can print out, and if you have made any of the crafts or if you have your own doll camp, you can send pictures to krharms04@hotmail.com and I will put them on the next day when another week is done.

Thank you to everyone who is going to sign up! 🙂



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